I like river.

And therefore I like this song.


Dr. Emiko Furuta, President Emeritus of Japanese Association for Developmental and Comparative Immunology

Dr. Emiko Furuta has passed away last night. I met Dr. Furuta for the first time in 1991 when I have just started my academic professional career. Since then, I have witnessed Dr. Furuta pouring her full energy to our JADCI. I think that Dr. Furuta has managed JADCI during its happiest period as a Secretary General and its most challenging period as a President. Then she might have spent the most anxious years as a mother of JADCI. I have many memories with Dr. Furuta, but I feel too sad to tell any episode of her now. Today, I would like just to share her bright image in our recent JADCI meetings.

2002 @Nagoya

2007 @Hamamatsu

2006 @Hiroshima
2008 @Tokyo

2009 @Fujisawa

2010 @Fukuoka

2010 @Fukuoka

2010 @Fukuoka


Dr. Zeev Pancer passed away.

A very sad new came to me. Dr. Zeev Pancer, University of Maryland, has passed away in his home on 20th April at the age of 56. As a congress chair of ISDCI 2012, I invited him to Fukuoka to have a plenary lecture entitled "Lamprey variable lymphocyte receptors: from discovery to biomedical applications", and had a exciting time with many chatting and big rough. I miss him very much. He was an awesome scientist.


My favorite pieces of guitar music.

Played by Masayoshi Takanaka.


A good talk, wonderful project, and amazing music products

I have just found them yesterday as introduced in a TV program 'Super Presentations'  by NHK.